CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES To nurture the latent talent of children Co-Curricular activities play a vital role in school curriculum. All the more it is relevant to residential set up like JNVs which has lot of scope for conducting various activities under CCA. In the light of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) it is imperative on the part of the school to conduct CCA in meticulous way and evaluate the different skills of the students. Hence, our Vidyalaya is having well defined list of activities under CCA. and incorporated in the Institutional plan. Activities are identified which cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality. Some of the areas are development of Communication Skill, Language ability, Social skill, Performing art, Creative thinking etc. Activities Inter house competition. Club activities Celebration of important days Celebration of house days and Class days Conduct of workshop calling experts from neighboring locality Coaching classes for talented students in Dance / Drama . Pace Setting activities like Rallies in nearby localities.